Fujitsu Lifebook T580 Innovative Technology Or Waste Of Money

Tweet The Fujitsu Lifebook T580 is the most innovative piece of technology to come to light in many years. This computer has a 1.6inch profile and a 10.1 inch display. It is incredibly light weight, weighing only 3lbs. Not only does the screen fold down over top its full keyboard so you can use it […]

MacBook Pro Laptop Computer

Tweet The new MacBook Pro Laptop computers from Apple are giving PC’s a run for the money.  The new Thunderbolt OS is fast, efficient and stable and the MacBook Pro boasts 3x graphics usage with AMD hardware backed by double processor speed from the Intel i7 Core processors. The cost is normally what keeps people […]

Laptop Computer Gateway NV51Bo5U

Tweet The Gateway NV51Bo5U is a 15.6 inch laptop and is available for under 500 dollars. While this price tag may be enough for many there are some drawbacks as well. The dual core processor is a AMD Fusion E350 with 1.6 GHz, which some consider a little slow for such a large computer. The […]

Laptop Computer Levono ThinkPad x220

Tweet The ThinkPad series of laptops has always been a quality choice for travel ready business computers. The outsides provide as sturdy computer and the software is clearly geared towards businesses. This new version has the same design features but a increasingly powerful processing system. The Intel Core CPU processing system has 2.5 GHz and […]

Laptop computer: HP EliteBook 844op

Tweet The new HP EliteBook 844op has received high marks in the business laptop category. The computer is made with a reinforced frame so it is very durable for traveling business situations. The 14 inch screen features an anti-glare display to optimize office lighting as well as a well-spaced keyboard that is resistant to spills. […]

Laptop Computer Compaq Presario R3000

Tweet The Compaq Presario R3000 laptop computer is a generally well rounded computer however it does not amaze the user with any new or high tech features not found on other websites. It is on the heavy side of the mid-sized laptop category coming in at around 8 pounds. It is best suited for students […]

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  • Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet: The future of technology

    Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet: The future of technology

    Tweet The Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet was brought out in 2011 and the company made sure that consumers got the best features through this tablet. Intel has come up with different processors for this product. It offers the first and second generation i3, i5 and i7 processors which include HD graphics and turbo. The disk […]

  • Different Types of Laptop Computers

    Tweet Laptops offer a wide variety of options to choose from, like with every product that is available to the regular consumer.  There are very many different brands that are also available; some people may prefer one brand over the other. Brand name does not necessarily mean one will be better than the other. There […]

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    Which Compact Apple Laptop to Choose?

    Tweet Apple makes the choices between the computers they offer easy by usually only offering three different types per screen size. The same holds true for their smaller 13 inch computers. Apple offers consumers the choice between the light weight Mac book air, the normal Mac book and the more powerful Mac book pro. The […]

  • Dell Refurbished Laptops

    Dell Laptop Computers, Refurbished Dell Laptops

    Tweet Dell Laptop Computers, Refurbished Dell Laptops If you are looking for a great deal on a good laptop for a replacement or maybe a secondary laptop, then refurbished dell laptops might be a good choice.  What you are looking at here though is a price difference of maybe around $300 between an older refurb […]

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  • Why you should get a laptop computer

    Why you should get a laptop computer

    Tweet Are you wondering whether or not you should get a laptop computer? There are many compelling reasons for you to get one. For one thing, laptop computers of today are a lot more powerful than they were even just five years ago. Certain laptop models can even outperform some desktop computers nowadays, while still […]

  • Laptop Computers for Students

    Tweet There is no need to question how important it is for any student to have a computer. Upon the inception of personal computers, its importance has been proven by people themselves. Practically, a computer makes everything in this world easy. Moreover, a lot of worldly processes are made possible by these computerized mechanisms. As […]

  • The very best A Free Laptop 

    Tweet A lot about you might have observed in that you will find internet pages giving gone laptops. Specific of sites involve want you to complete various provides and get by 3 to 5 people (referrals) who would likewise finished the grants – however you can be able to your free laptop. Lately NBC interviewed […]

  • Refurbished Laptops And Industry – An outstanding Match

    Tweet You are in a very dilemma – your workers require to have movable processing electricity, but as a business holder you need to monitor each and every penny. The latest industry selections within the brand name manufacturers will be healthy, however you ought to obtain king laptops and buying every at one time would […]

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    HP Laptops get Rave Reviews

    Tweet The new line of HP laptops has received rave reviews from researchers and testers. The design of the laptop is one of the most attractive features sporting a aluminum case and a wide 14 .5 inch screen. There is no glare from side views and the clarity of the graphics is very high. The […]

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    Sony Vaio VPC-YB15KX/S

    Tweet The Sony Vaio VPC-YB15KX/S is a small and compact laptop computer option starting at around $550. The screen is only 11.5 inches along the diagonal which makes it easy to carry around. For the quality of the computer the price point is high for many consumers. It is more expensive than many other comparable […]

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  • Modern laptop computer buying guide

    Modern laptop computer buying guide

    Tweet Before, people would treat a laptop computer as a downgraded model of a desktop computer to allow for mobility and simple computing. Most of them still regard desktop computers as the best device when it comes to running programs, processing documents, and a lot more. But with the advent of modern technology, this kid […]

  • Advantages of a laptop computer

    Advantages of a laptop computer

    Tweet If you don’t want to be tied down to a single area at your home or office because of your bulky desktop computer, perhaps it is time for you to get a laptop computer. A laptop computer, as the name suggests, is a computer ‘small enough to fit in your lap, as compared to […]

  • Benefits of a laptop computer

    Benefits of a laptop computer

    Tweet A laptop computer offers many benefits over a desktop computer. Although they started out big and clunky, with very little memory or few real features and couldn’t last for more than an hour, laptops have now evolved to be one of the best mobile computing companions, sometimes even besting their desktop counterparts. Yes, laptops […]

  • How To Manage Your Laptop Desktop

    Tweet Since the dignified vendor to a laptop personal computer, you’ll have to stay your system within the best possible condition. Except for cleaning your screen and dusting the laptop keyboard, nevertheless, you will definitely should relax and take a couple excess actions to sustain your laptop’s future health: — Game those great A laptop […]

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  • Dell XPS 15 Laptop

    Dell XPS 15 Laptop

    Tweet The Dell computer company has long been known for creating quality computers at reasonable prices. They hit the mark again with the new Dell XPS 15 laptop. Starting at around $850 the 15.6 inch screen laptop is a great value for the money. While the touchpad has been the downfall of comparable laptops, the […]

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