Dell Laptop Computers, Refurbished Dell Laptops

Dell Laptop Computers, Refurbished Dell Laptops

If you are looking for a great deal on a good laptop for a replacement or maybe a secondary laptop, then refurbished dell laptops might be a good choice.  What you are looking at here though is a price difference of maybe around $300 between an older refurb and new model selling for around $600.  If you can’t scrape up the extra $300 then go with the refurb.  It will do what you want as far as any internet or office tasks, if you are looking for a gaming laptop then you might have to wait around for awhile.

Gaming laptops are still running very high and frankly, if you get a refurb then you are looking at about a year before games get bigger and your laptop won’t be able to handle the graphics.  The laptops that are coming out now may only be good for a couple of more years.  We are at that point where developers have had about 10 years to work on their new graphics engines and with new tech like 3d and Blu Ray about to become standard on all laptops, it might just serve you better to wait if you can.

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