Laptop Computer Gateway NV51Bo5U
Laptop Computer Gateway NV51Bo5U
March 30, 2011 Featured

The Gateway NV51Bo5U is a 15.6 inch laptop and is available for under 500 dollars. While this price tag may be enough for many there are some drawbacks as well. The dual core processor is a AMD Fusion E350 with 1.6 GHz, which some consider a little slow for such a large computer.

The graphics are run by TMD Radeon HD 6310 GPU and are not anything special. While they are better version of the year before, it is not sufficient for serious gamers. Many games will not be able to be played in full resolution.

Gateway could have done better with this 15 inch laptop. While the price is right the craftsmanship feels as inexpensive as it costs. The plastic seems dinky for its size and as though it could break easily. From far away the overall design of the computer is attractive, it is simply once it is handled that it feels poorly made.


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