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Laptop computer: HP EliteBook 844op
March 24, 2011 Featured

The new HP EliteBook 844op has received high marks in the business laptop category. The computer is made with a reinforced frame so it is very durable for traveling business situations. The 14 inch screen features an anti-glare display to optimize office lighting as well as a well-spaced keyboard that is resistant to spills. The battery life is nothing to shout about and anyone interested in a laptop built for gaming should go for another option. The laptop features a 2.53GHz Intel Core i5-460M processor as well as 2GB of random access memory and a 250 gigabyte hard drive. The graphics are pretty high quality featuring Intel HD. While the graphics for business related work such as documents, spreadsheets and power point presentations, they are not high enough quality for 3D gaming. One of the biggest cons when it comes to this notebook is the lack of battery life, any business traveler looking to use the computer on a trip longer than four hours would be pressing their luck.


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