Laptop Computer Levono ThinkPad x220
Laptop Computer Levono ThinkPad x220
March 28, 2011 Featured

The ThinkPad series of laptops has always been a quality choice for travel ready business computers. The outsides provide as sturdy computer and the software is clearly geared towards businesses. This new version has the same design features but a increasingly powerful processing system.

The Intel Core CPU processing system has 2.5 GHz and a 320 giga byte hard drive. The screen is reasonably sized at 12.5 inches and the light 3.3 pound weight makes it easily portable. It comes standard with the Windows 7 Progessional operating system and Intel HD 3000 graphics.

The one thing that the computer is lacking is the now common HDMI connection. However it does feature three USB connections as well as an SD flash card reader. It is a great choice for any business traveler. Prices range around the one thousand dollar mark.


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